The Old Village of Alonissos is situated up-hill 3km away from Patitiri. It was the capital of the island until 1965, when an earthquake occured and the people moved down to Patitiri.

Now 5-6 local families stay there throughout the year. After the earthquakes many european visitors started to buy the old houses. As lovers of the traditional style of the island they kept the character of the village repairing many of the old buildings.

Because of its location the view is really fantastic and offers one of the best sunsets statewide.Now the Old Village is becoming one of the best and most popular parts of the island which are definately worth visiting.

The visitors will find many small, family-run tavernas and boutique shops which create a different atmosphere than the rest of the island.

It's 3km away from Patitiri, and you can take the bus with its frequent timetable, to go there, you can use the taxis or the old footpath, walking approximately 30' to go up and 20' to come down.

There are a few beaches at close range, Megalos Mourtias being the most popular and organised one, with 3 tavernas to find there. The distance is just 10' by car or 20-30' by feet. Another close beach to the Old Village is Mikros Mourtias, more isolated though with a 15' way to reach mainly because of the bad road condition (there is no asphalt road). Finaly from the north side of the island you can find Yialia and Vrisitsa just 10' away by car to visit them.

Checkout some photos from various places around the old village. Enjoy!!